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About the 50.50.50 Project

The aim of the project is to help build 50 homes for those who are still homeless from devastation caused by the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that occurred on Nov 8 2013.
We need to raise $50,000 to get it done

Home # 1

Sulpecia Family

Lola and her family have been living in a temporary tarp/ shelter for the past 7 month until It Ain't Nothing arrived and built her family a home in 3 days, with the first $1,000 donated by the Treehouse on Belongil.


Home # 2

Argawanon Family

Alan Argawanon suported his family as a fisherman before Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda destroyed his boat and home. Using peices of his broken boat and other debris, he managed to build a temporary home to shelter his wife, Myrna and their children.  Impressed with his ingenuity and hardwork, It Ain't Nothing hired him to be in our team of carpenters to build his families new home and the next 48 for the 505050 Project. With his help we managed to finish the home in under three days and with the $1,000 donated by Byron Bay Property Sales. 


Home # 3

The Gulfan Family

The Gulfan families roof was taken and most of their home destroyed during Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. The father, Ariel, a fisherman, was left unable to fish as his boat was completely destroyed by the Typhoon. Seven months after the Typhoon they are still forced to relocate when it rains to a makeshift shelter constructed from debris left over from the devastation. Thanks to our donors, It Ain't Nothing has stepped in to build the Gulfan family a new home, within our three day timeline and $1,000 budget. Our third house in the 505050 project, 50HOMES 50FAMILIES 50GRAND,


Home # 4

The Rosel Family


The 4th family to recieve a home from the 505050 project. Since their home was destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan they had built a structure from debris to house 11 people, including Rose's 7 children and her own parents. Recently the owner of her land decided to sell his property and evicted them. Fortunetly, It Ain't Nothing stepped in, making their transition easier by building the Rosel Family a new house on their new land in only three days. 50HOMES 50FAMILIES 50GRAND


Home # 5

The Deogrades Family

Jelly Deogrades has lived in her home for 14 years until Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan destroyed it. Her husband was forced to work off island to save for the rebuilding while she cared for their three children. The damp conditions have caused her youngest to constantly fall in and out of sickness. Now that they have a completed home Jelly's sister has moved in to help with the children.  



Home # 6

The Malvya Family

The Malvya family have been living in this extension off a destroyed home since the Typhoon took their families home. Their father came to It Ain't Nothing asking for us to help his daughter as his own house is destroyed and is unable to house her family. Her baby is only 24 days old making the Malvya family a priority as the wet season is nearly here. They are now owners of a new home built by the It Ain't Nothing team as part of our goal 50HOMES 50FAMILIES 50GRAND.



Home # 7

The Nalia Family

During Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda the Nalia family ran to there mother's house as there home fell apart around them. Katrina suffered from shock as her 4 month old baby turned purple from the cold. They were unable to salvage anything from their original home and have been living under their mothers broken roof with three other families. It Ain't Nothing has chosen their family to be the 7th Home to be built as part of the 505050project. 50HOMES 50FAMILIES 50GRAND


Home # 8

The Pepito Family

The Pepito Family lost their homes during Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan they banded together to build a structure from debris and tarps supplied by red cross. Nine family members living in an extremely small structure. It Ain't Nothing has chosen their family to be the 8th Home to be built as part of the 505050project and Sally Smout put up the grand. 50HOMES 50FAMILIES 50GRAND



Home # 9

The Alcantara Family

Alcantara family gratefully receiving the ninth home from It Ain't Nothing's 505050 Campaign. Their new baby will have a proper home to grow up in thanks to those that attended It ain't nothing's launch party at the The Treehouse On Belongil and our amazing team in the Philippines.  





Home # 10

The Ambuyoc Family

The Ambuyoc Family receive the tenth home from It ain't nothing's 505050campaign. Gilly, the father of the beautiful Ambuyoc Family, is also one of the project managers of the campaign. He has been the backbone of the 505050 campaign. Always trying to help others, it was quite difficult to get him to accept a home from It Ain't Nothing, as he was already so grateful for the work and opportunity to help his community. After all of the selfless work Gilly and his family have done, It Ain't Nothing insisted the Ambuyoc family accept the tenth home, putting us at 20percent of our project goal.  Thanks to those that attended It ain't nothing's launch party at the The Treehouse On Belongil.




Home # 11

The Asis Family

When Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan struck, Danilo and the Asis family had expected they could wait the Typhoon out in their house as they have before. They quickly accepted the urgency of the situation as the walls and roof began to splinter and crack in the face of the 315km/hr winds, as the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre reported. Danilo and his family ran to seek shelter in a neighbor’s concrete house, where they waited out the Typhoon.

When they returned, their house was virtually unrecognizable. Danilo scavenged for scraps to provide a makeshift cover for his 3 youngest children. Using whatever he could Danilo built makeshift home for himself and his large family. They are the eleventh family to receive a home as part of It Ain't Nothing's 505050campaign in Malapascua Island, Philippines.   The funds for the entire home were generously donated by Eye of Horus Cosmetics- http://www.eyeofhorus.com.au/






Home # 12

The Rosquites Family

The Rosquites Family receiving the 12th home from It ain't nothing's 505050campaign. Their new born baby will have a new home to grow up in thanks to Thomas Osl, Paul from Temple Byron and of course our amazing team on the ground in Malapascua Island, Phillipines. 





Home # 13

The Rosquites Family

During the storm the Sabares family attempted to stay at home as they have during many other Typhoons. However, the unparalleled strength of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan's winds quickly destroyed their home as they sought refuge in a neighbors concrete home along with over 30 other families. The father is a fisherman but only sells fish to the local community to help his neighbors survive. He could make more money attempting to sell to local resorts but refuses to do so until his community is back on their feet.

The Sabares family became the 13th family to recieve a home from It Ain't nothing's 505050 campaign, funds generously donated by Vick. 






To our sponsors, 


We too often see natural disasters and feel an immediate urge to help but with no idea how to make a real difference.

We want to enable you,

to personally help someone, 

who needs it now,

more than ever.  

You can donate funds, volunteer to help build or be a Charity Champ and raise funds in your own creative way.

100% of funds you donate go directly to materials and job stimulation.